HOF Kennel# 160
High Energy Dogs     
High Energy People    


I was a dog and horse lover from childhood. My family got our fist dog “Smokey” because of me when I was eight and we rarely were apart from that day on. She was a rescue from a humane society in the Midwest where we lived and was thought to be a German Shepherd and Collie cross. What she turned out to be, I believe was a Border Collie cross. Black tri, looked like, size of, brains of a BC. I’m guessing that’s why I love Aussies today. She was the best companion, intelligent, active, patient, and a protector when she needed to be. When I was 19 and left home for the beautiful state of Vermont, I loaded my car with all my belongings and Smokey and off we went together. She attended my wedding and saw my first child in infancy before she left me. I owe a lot to that little dog. I will never forget her.


In 1989 I went to work as a vet. tech. That is where I saw my first Aussie. I had never heard of an Australian Shepherd, but was drawn immediately to them, the aesthetic quality, the look in their eye, you could tell they were intelligent and ready to go. The bitch’s name was “Velvet” and that’s just what her coat was, black velvet. I watched her grow up, watched her first litter as they came to the clinic for first vaccinations. I got to see a few of those pups grow up. Saw her second litter and got to see a few of those grow up also. It was then, that I said to myself; you know, those are really nice dogs. I should get one of those dogs. And so it was that with Velvet’s third litter, I got a black tri female “Cosmos”. And the rest, as they say, is history.