Preservation Breeder of
High Energy Dogs, for High Energy People
Home of HOF Dam# 411

Sunpiper is a registered ASCA (Australian Shepherd Club of America) kennel name. Our dogs are dual registered with ASCA and AKC with an emphasis placed on versatility. Our name “Sunpiper” comes from our girl ‘Piper’ (pictured right) without whom all of this wouldn’t have come to be.

We’re lucky to live in the mountains of rural Vermont where there are miles of woods trails. The dogs get to run in the woods and hike trails every day. They also enjoy running through brooks and swimming in the pond. Our dogs are fed raw diet, minimally vaccinated, and kept as chemical free as possible.

We love our dogs, they are companion dogs first, and show dogs second. They all live in the house together, we do not have a kennel. They are allowed to enjoy our yard in invisible fencing, lounge on the deck, or on one of the many dog beds that circle our living room. We have a small arrangement of Aussies that we love and compete and love to compete and occasionally breed. When we breed, we breed for temperament, structure, brains, and versatility preserving the original Australian Shepherd in body and mind. We want to produce a dog that can do it all with style and finesse. A dog that can get tough on stock and still be gentle enough for the junior handler. We feel the history and function of the breed should be maintained and working instinct preserved.

Most Versatile Aussie (MVA)

Why is it important?  MVA is the pinnacle of the Australian Shepherd. To qualify in MVA one dog must prove it is versatile. In Aussies, versatility means they are a stock dog. First and foremost the dog must qualify on stock. Also to be versatile, the dog must be able to do something else besides work stock, so the dog must qualify in either Tracking, Obedience, Agility, or Rally. The third part of MVA is an evaluation by a conformation judge. The judge scores the dog on structure and movement. This is also important to the purpose of a dog. Form and function. A dog that can't move or doesn't have correct structure is going to break down in doing it's job.  All these things are done in 1 show. Not necessarily in 1 day, but are completed in 1 show.